Don't Let Them Silence You

When and Where to vote?

Vote early in person from July 11th to August 6th at your County Board of Elections (find the location)

Last chance to vote is on Special Election Day, August 8th, at your designated polling place (find the location)

What is the August Special Election about?

What Voting “YES” Means

Voting “Yes” on Issue 1 would require 60% of the vote, up from a simple majority of 50%, to amend Ohio’s constitution. It would also make it harder to collect signatures to place citizen-initiated amendments before voters and would eliminate a 10-day period of time in which signatures can be corrected. This will make it significantly harder, if not impossible, for Ohioans to make their voices heard.

What Voting “NO” Means

Voting “No” on Issue 1 would not change the Ohio Constitution. Future citizen or legislative-initiated amendments would need the support of a simple majority (50%+1) of voters in order to pass, the same as it works today. Petitioners would still be required to collect signatures in 44 of 88 Ohio counties.

Why Vote "NO"

Vote "No" on Issue 1 will protect direct democracy and majority rule. Ohioans must have a voice on reproductive freedom, minimum wage, voting rights, and fair districts. Don't let them silence you!